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What next? - A step by step guide.

Step 1    Download it for free  from our program download page. 

Step 2    Try out the demos  from our demonstration download page.   

Step 3    Build your own MaxForms sets  

You can do this free with the 3 month trial licence.

Step 4    Look at the Licensing Options   below on this page.

   Step 5    Look at the International User Pricing   below on this page.

 Step 6    Look at the Payment Methods    below on this page.

Step 7    Order Now  below on this page.

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Step 1     Download it for free

The full version of the MaxForms software is freely downloadable off our Try it ! page and can be installed wherever you wish. Provided you have Internet access you can register for a free 3 month trial licence. The program in then fully functional. 

Step 2     Try out or adapt the free demos

You can use and adapt for your own purposes the demonstration forms that work with the with the demonstration Address Book Folder or develop your own form sets from scratch. You will find here links to full information about each demonstration and generic base form that is included in the download of the program with demonstrations.

Step 3     Build your own MaxForms sets

Forms that you build will function in all respects with the trial licence. You can really check out the software  and show users what to expect before paying anything!

Step 4     Licensing Options

License it for full use at only GBP 65  (pounds sterling) per user and GBP 10  (pounds sterling) per annum after the first year.             

Maximizer Business Partners, consultants and resellers of Maximizer are offered special terms and should access the Business Partner pages using the URL with which they have been provided. Should you not yet have the access URL, and are a trade intermediary, please email us at sales@saysales.com and provide us enough information for us to confirm your trade credentials. We will then provide the URL giving access to this part of the website and answer your questions.

When you are ready, you may pay to convert your free trial licence key(s) into a full licence keys and/or obtain new licence keys for other computers.. There are two types of token available. You may use whichever suits your circumstances.

Licence tokens are available in the following two types:
single user licence keys, where MaxForms program is installed locally on each user's computer, and
network  licence keys, where the MaxForms program is installed in a shared network folder, and the token allows multiple concurrent users.
The cost per user is the same in either case.

Step 5    International User Pricing Information

The pricing structure is simple. Each user on a licence token, whether a single user token or a network token, costs:
GBP 65   (sixty five pounds sterling)      (Approx. US $115)
Organisations requiring more than 75 users can obtain a site licence at half price for users beyond the first 75.
VAT tax is additional for UK based users.
EEC users are required to provide their VAT number to avoid being charged UK VAT.
Payments must be made in sterling.

Step 6    Payment Methods

We operate on a payment with order basis for all new clients.  Payment may be made by
direct transfer in GBP £ sterling to our account at our London bank, the details of which are given below,
or by GBP £ sterling cheque or draft or money order
by credit or debit card on the Worldpay Secure Server
PayPal to martin@saysales.com

We have secure credit card payment facilities with WorldPay who operate in over 100 local currencies.

If you would like to pay by credit card, then please select this option on the order form but do NOT send us any credit card details initially. We will respond with a Pro-Forma invoice and instructions on how to pay the invoice using the secure payment page on this site. This ensures that we have checked the basis of your order prior to a payment being made and will avoid errors.

The arrangement with Worldpay is such the we NEVER have access to your credit card details. You supply these directly to their secure server. As large internationally recognised credit card processors, we believe that you may have confidence in the security of your sensitive information.


Product Key codes will be issued once payment is received.

Our Bank Account Details are:

Account Name:   Smith and Young Sales Ltd
Account Number:   70345999
Bankers:   The Cooperative Bank
Address:   PO Box 250, Delf House, Southway, Skelmersdale, WN8 6WT, England
Bank Sort Code: 08-92-50
Iban number: GB57CPBK 089250 70345999


Step 7    Order Now

[FrontPage Save Results Component]

Licence Requirements and Order Value

        Total Number of Users Required:     at GBP £ 65 each,

         this gives a total order value (excluding VAT for UK) of:    GBP £  

How many of these are to be Single User Tokens?   

How many of these users are to be on Network Tokens?   

How many Network Tokens are these to be divided between?   

If more than one Network Token is required, please give the breakdown of the number of users per token in the text box below.   

If you are based in the UK please add VAT at 17.5%.    Total Order Value (UK only): £

If you are based in the EEC you must enter your VAT number here. (or else add VAT at 17.5% in the box above)

Payment Method

Payment may be made by:
    direct transfer in GBP £sterling to our account , the details of which are given above,    
    or by GBP £sterling cheque or draft or money order sent to our address.   
    by credit card on Worldpay Secure Server
    by PayPal to martin@saysales.com                                              

Your order will be acknowledged upon receipt.

Product Key codes for your licences will be sent to you by Email when your payment has cleared to our account. At this time we will send you a receipted invoice for your records.

General Order Text

Please enter any special requirements or other details. Please list your Product Key numbers for the the conversion of Trial licences to full licences.

Mailing List

Select this box if you would like to be added to our mailing list to receive information by Email about developments from SAY Sales. You can ask to be removed from the list at any time.

Add to mailing list            Contact for other names to add to mailing list       

Contact Information

            What is your current status? 

Address 1
Address 2
Zip/Postal Code

    Thanks for your order.

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