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MaxForms Software

The forms based system builder for Maximizer CRM software

Thank you for investigating MaxForms. There is a lot of information about MaxForms on this site and you may be visiting for the first time or have a great deal of experience of MaxForms already and be looking to see what is new or for some detailed technical information.

We set out below a guide to help you find what you want on the site, but before that we give a very brief summary of what MaxForms is, and why you may choose to use it!

MaxForms - What is it?

A program for making Maximizer easier to use by providing forms that display the information relevant to users for their tasks.
It allows a wide range of additional business functions to be handled simply in a Maximizer system and can interlock the different parts into a whole.
It requires no programming knowledge.
It costs only GBP 65 per user and and after the first year an annual fee of GBP 10.

Why do Maximizer users want it?

Staff work more efficiently with the right information at their finger tips.
Forms help ensure important information is recorded properly.
Training costs for new and existing staff are reduced.
Staff prefer a system specific to their work within the business.
A wider range of business processes is handled by MaxForms with Maximizer.
Business system development is simple without programming.

Why do Maximizer Resellers choose it?

It is easier to sell Maximizer when you show a prospect a form tailored to his business. A simple form is quick to build and adapt.
You say YES to your prospect more often! The additional business processes that MaxForms enables are commonplace ones. You can offer a tailored solution that covers his business requirements.
You can offer  an added value, system building service without any programming skills.
A customer is more loyal if you have built his business system than if you have just installed boxed software.

This simple form was created in 15 minutes without any programming.

SAY ResponsesLowRes.gif (11320 bytes)  

There are lots of other examples of forms around the site

Your guide to the MaxForms part of this site   Return to the top of the page!

If you are new to the site, why don't you start by taking a quick look at the kind of forms and business systems you can create with MaxForms? Then we suggest that you look successively at the links shown on that page or explore those on the left which will guide you through learning in more detail about the MaxForms from various angles.

We hope that you will be interested enough to download the program and demonstration material before you leave the site so you can explore the program on your own computer. The full program is available for you to try for FREE!

We are sure you will find that the program adds useful functionality to your Maximizer system. It can make it easier to use and considerably more powerful. We set out what we consider to be the key benefits of using MaxForms above on this page. If you would like to see a brief overview of the new features in the latest version 4.0 and what they enable you to do, then visit our new features page.

If you have already tried out the program and are ready to consider a purchasing a licence in more detail, we suggest that you go to the Buy it! page, which explores the different licensing options, shows pricing and contains an online order form.

If you are seeking detailed technical information,  you may like to visit the FAQ page to find answers to some frequently asked questions.

If you are interested in enquiring about Consultancy or Training services, then please follow this link.

Finally, we would welcome your comments, both good and bad, about MaxForms and its use in your organisation. With such a flexible program, the uses to which it can be put are very varied and we are learning all the time. Maybe we can build some extra functionality into the next version as a result of your comments or you would like to talk about a bespoke version. In any case please use our feedback form.

Where now?

To see examples of forms built with MaxForms follow this link.

To see examples of how it might be used in practice go to our Example Uses page.

To explore its features in more detail go to our features page, or download it to play with it yourself.

To see details of pricing, licensing for the full functionality and to place an order go to our Buy it! page.

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