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New Features



Potential of Version Two


New Features in MaxForms version 4 onwards

MaxForms Version Two A practical glimpse at some of the potential!

Wider Compatibility - Broader Uses of the Program - Wider Control of the Facilities within Maximizer - A Better MaxForms Interface

Wider Compatibility

The compatibility of MaxForms has been extended forward to Maximizer Enterprise and Maximizer Version 9 and 9.5. For earlier versions of Maximizer most of its functionality will work but you should test out the features you wish to use. In most cases the functionality will match that available in the particular version of Maximizer used. It is compatible with both Pervasive and MS SQL backend databases.

MaxForms is compatible with all 32 bit Microsoft operating systems, including Windows XP. It can also be run on under  Citrix or Windows Terminal Server.

Improved Scope

MaxForms now includes functionality for Customer service cases and better functionality for Opportunities. It is compatible with the use of subfolders for User Defined Fields.

Easy Licence Management

MaxForms now uses a licence management system which allows you to reinstall on the same or different computers without any problem provided that they have access to the Internet. The whole licencing system has been simplified and the system will automatically recognise the new computer as licensed.

The following are the new features introduced in previous versions.

Broader Uses of the Program

The introduction of buttons that allow navigation either to other specific forms or a form that depends upon what is entered in the form, opens up the use of linked sets of forms for functions such as call centres, outgoing telesales and telemarketing work. There are now sample forms and basic building block forms available for telesales and telemarketing scripts. There is a sample form showing the way a "menu" form can be used to take users to different parts of the system. This is the basis for call centre applications and is generally the core of multi- function business systems as it provided the means of binding the separate components into an integrated system.

The need for business partners to build systems that cope with a wide range of functions in neat and easy way has lead to a tendency to build large forms which attempt to be "all singing and dancing". These can now be broken down into a range of forms with logical links between them that can be extended indefinitely to build complete system a bit at a time. Stage by stage development that is ideal for business consultancy!

Range lookups that return predetermined values according to the range of values within which a number, date or piece of text falls, are powerful additions in many functional areas. They are vital to telesales type work and will allow many complex systems to be built that were previously not possible. This includes quotation systems where prices are quantity dependent.

Variable lookups where the information returned from a file depends on the information on other parts of the form is an important enabling feature. It will for, example, allow quotation systems to use different price list according to the client status and to choose from different columns of the price list depending upon the quantity being ordered. This same flexibility will allow many complex requirements to be met in a simple way, as always in MaxForms, without the need for any program code!

If you are in doubt about whether or how your business system can be built in MaxForms, do phone us to discuss it! We will answer simple queries on the phone and for more complex questions we will suggest a brief consultancy session to define your requirements in detail and to give a fuller evaluation of practicality.

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Wider Control of the Facilities within Maximizer

A range of functional buttons can now be added to forms giving access to a wide range of functionality within Maximizer. Most important among these are the ability to handle most of the Maximizer search routines and to add MaxEditor and external objects such as Word documents. Buttons are available to dial phone numbers through Maximizer and to change window within  Maximizer. Other buttons now run external programs and simplify the internal procedures of using a form.

The use of forms for more complex and larger applications has raised the need for much more control about what is written to Maximizer and how it relates to information brought in from external files to changes and entries made in the forms. A whole range of options have been introduced to control this flow of information. Most possibilities are now covered and these make a great difference to the final usability of forms solutions.

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A Better MaxForms Interface

As a result of feedback from users in many fields, often developing more complex applications than were originally envisaged for MaxForms, the ease of use of the program has been substantially improved both for forms users and for those creating them.

For users easy double click access to the ten most recently used forms and the navigation buttons that take you direct to another form make multi-form systems easy to use. The incorporation of more button types linking functionality within Maximizer such as searching and document production and for single click MaxForms functions, both ease the users way around a system.

For those building forms, the addition of copying of blocks of controls, the moving and deletion of controls and whole tabs make changes much easier to implement. Automatic adjustment of references to other controls when these operations are undertaken save hours of work. The ability for experienced users to easily edit values without going through the step by step beginner’s easy visual process is a great time saver too for experienced users.

With larger systems being built in MaxForms, the speed of handling multiple lookups in large files has been improved by the loading of files to memory when a form is loaded. Forms with 500 or more elements accessing data from MByte sized files repetitively for each calculation for up to 100 or so elements are now possible. These are substantial extensions to the complexity and size of systems with which MaxForms is capable of working effectively.

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