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Try MaxForms for Free!

Download the software with or without the demonstrations now from lower down on this page!    

Note: If you have any problems downloading off the site please use this link to request the file or information to be sent to you by Email. sales-at-saysales.com

Version 4 is now available. This is the first version of MaxForms to be compatible with Maximizer versions 9.0 and 9.5.

The full version MaxForms software is freely downloadable off this page and can be installed wherever you wish. You will need Internet Access on the computer on which it is installed to register for a free 3 month trial licence. In this state it is fully functional and can be used to develop and test your own forms for your own business system.

To continue to use the software after the free 3 month trial period you will need to pay for a licence. The cost per user is (GBP) 65 with an annual fee of (GBP) 10 after the first year. To find out more about licensing, prices and payment methods go to our Buy it! page. If you just want to order licence activations straight away go to our online order form.

You can use the demonstration forms together with the demonstration database to see how MaxForms can be used to add functionality to Maximizer and to build commonly used business systems. They include forms for Sales Reporting, Telesales, Quotations, Client Profiling, Conference Management and technical demonstrations that show how you can tie together a range of different functionality into an integrated business system with menu navigation between the different parts. All can be adapted to you own use.

You may like to look at some useful tools and template forms on our useful bits page or to look at explanations and screen shots of individual demonstration MaxForms forms.

Download the Demonstration Form Sets    Download the MaxForms Manual in Word format

Download MaxForms V4.0.11   

Compatible with Maximizer V9.0 and V9.5.

Pease note that for compatibility with Maximizer V10 you should first install the version for Maximizer V9.0 and V9.5.as below and then download the patch upgrade MaxForms v5.0.3 file below, unzip it, rename it as Maxforms32.exe and replace the old file named Maxforms32.exe with the new version.

Most of its functionality will work with earlier versions on Maximizer.

You can download MaxForms now here. There are two options listed below. These are:


MaxForms with the demonstration forms and address book folder. (13.5 MBytes)


MaxForms without the demonstration forms and address book folder. (10.5 MBytes)

with either use


Patch Upgrade MaxForms v 5.0.3 file for compatiblity with Maximizer v10. (568 KBytes)

Note: If you have installed an earlier version of MaxForms we suggest that you uninstall it, delete the MaxForms folder and back up your form files before installing this new version.


You may like to download the Instructions for Installation and Registration.doc as well!

MaxForms Demonstration Forms Page    


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