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Useful Bits




This page features some useful tools and templates for working with Maximizer. They are freely downloadable. We are not able to support them or offer any warrantees but they are all in use with Maximizer consultants and may make your work easier!

If you would like to offer any tools for other Maximizer consultants, please send them on in by Email!

MaxUtilities v1.0

This little program creates a series of text files with the UDF structure listed both with and without the items for each Table UDF. It also creates a file for each Table UDF listing just the items. It can be a handy tool for extracting data from Maximizer for processing before feeding it back in. It is also useful for documenting an Address Book Folder structure.

Size approx. 1.4Mbytes              Download MaxUtilities


This is a simple spreadsheet that inserts lists of items into Table UDFs in Maximizer. It is handy for building databases. Just get the client to give you the items they want in a spreadsheet. It saves hours of keying ... or mis-keying! It works well with the program above.            Download MaxUDF.xls

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