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What is MaxForms and what can you do with it?

MaxForms is a program that allows you to build and use form type windows to help you manage information used within Maximizer and available from other sources.

It provides a range of functionality that is not available with Maximizer itself. It is a rapid application development environment which does not require the use of any program code. The best way to understand it's potential is to run through some of the kinds of thing it can be used for.

Obviously the range of systems that you can build with MaxForms is limited only by your imagination and the tools it provides!

A list of the features of a word processing program is not very helpful in explaining its uses. The same applies to MaxForms. We have chosen therefore to suggest practical, business applications, and then to point out the elements of MaxForms that make it possible to build them.

You, or your clients, may have a need for some of these in your business, in which case you will appreciate the relevance of a simple way of incorporating them into a Maximizer system.

Where you see a hyperlink in the text below, it will lead either to an example or demonstration form, or to a generic base form (Generic Base Form) provided as a foundation for building your own form, or else to an explanation of the particular feature of the program and its use. (Technical Demo)

Simple and Complex Data Entry, Editing and Display Forms

Every organisation has its own particular data requirements of greater or lesser complexity. The most fundamental function of MaxForms is to provide users with easy to use and effective forms to enter, view and change this information. It is common for different people in an organisation to use different parts of this information, and for each to use differing combinations to carry out their various day to day roles. MaxForms allows an infinite variety of forms to be created to meet all these requirements and makes a large contribution to efficiency as a result.

Example simple form applications

Sales and Marketing

Entry and Classification of Clients and Contacts (Generic Base Form) - Advertising Response Tracking - Lead Capture - Lead Qualification - Sales Funnel Processing - Sales Territory and Commission Administration -  Mailing List Control - Publication Circulation Control - Literature Fulfilment - Sales Call Reporting (Generic Base Form) - Client Interest Profiling for Entertainment Management - Customer Surveys


Credit Control - Software Licence Tracking - Support Contract Tracking - Technical Environment Tracking - Subscription Renewal - Staff Performance Appraisal - Staff Skills Tracking - Father Christmas' Present and Reindeer Control System (Joke!)

Example complex form applications

Client Financial Profiling - Consumer Survey Form - Psychometric Profiling  - Mortgage Application Form

MaxForms Functionality Used

Generally the straight forward data entry, editing and display forms use only the basic functionality of MaxForms that allows the writing of data to User Defined Fields and Notes in Maximizer.

The addition of Hotlist Tasks and Calendar Appointments is also frequent.

Particularly with complex forms where there may be hundreds of data items, the logical, ordered display of the data is the main function.

Often more advanced functionality will add to the power of the solution. For instance the use of lookup tables and the maths functionality can change a psychometric profiling form from a data capture form to a full analysis tool by relating the answers to values and adding them to complete a profile. These tools required extensively for all the more advanced forms.

Lookup tables are used to load external information for all sorts of purposes into fields and drop lists on a form.

For instance, the choice of a product category can add all the products in that category to a drop list in the next box on the form. The entry of the quantity ordered can be related using a range look up table to the appropriate quantity break and then retrieve the correct price for the quantity and item.

Lookup tables are also used to provide the logic for forms to respond intelligently to user choices, for example in navigation to an appropriate next form.

Clearly the maths functionality of MaxForms, which equates to that of a 10 memory calculator, is essential for applications such as quotation and invoice handling.

(Technical Demo for Opportunity User Defined fields and Group Security)

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Forms that add a completely new data level to Maximizer

For many business requirements there is a need to track entities other than Companies, Individuals, Contacts and Sales Opportunities which are the four primary entities built into Maximizer.

The techie guys would like to "add another data table" as they can in some more expensive software products.

Businesses want to track a wide variety of entities such as projects, conference bookings, training courses, support calls, licences, jobs, quotations and invoices and these can all have multiple instances for a particular person or company.

MaxForms provides a user friendly way of providing these in Maximizer.

Although they may appear as different entities,  Companies, Individuals and Contacts are all actually stored in the same table in Maximizer and can all be displayed in either of the Address Book or Contact Windows and can have all the other elements such as Notes, User Defined Fields, Documents, Tasks and Appointments related to them.

The MaxForms created entities (referred to as Pseudo Contacts) behave in exactly the same way. This provides the full power of Maximizer's inbuilt functionality in working with them.

Example Extra Data Level Applications

Sales and Marketing

Repeated Visit Call Reports (Generic Base Form)- Sales Opportunity Tracking - Sales Funnel Tracking - Multiple Enquiry Tracking - Client Entertainment Management - Quotations and Estimates - Order Entry Tracking - Invoicing - Advertising Response Tracking - Literature Fulfilment - Subscription Management - Quotation and Invoicing (Generic Base Pack at extra cost)


Support Call Logging - Software Licence Tracking - Project Tracking - Training Courses - Conference Management - Job Tracking

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Systems of Interrelated Forms

Business requirements are often complex with users carrying out a variety of different tasks for which specific forms may be created. There is therefore commonly a requirement to build an inter-linked system from a whole series of forms.

MaxForms can do this by providing various types of Navigation button which can be added to a form to take the user to a different form. Systems can be built  so that some of the forms act purely as menu forms providing access to the forms for various purposes.

Example Interrelated Form Applications

Sales and Marketing

Telesales and TeleMarketing Scripting (Demo A  and Demo B) ( Telesales Generic Base Form)


Call Centre Inbound Call Handling - Menuing for Systems (Navigation)

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New Version V4.0 is now available for FREE trial from our Download page.     

The demonstration and base forms along with the address book folder they work with is available to download here.

New Features of version 4.0 onwards.

For a list of MaxForms' features in more detail go to our features page.

To see details of pricing, licensing for the full functionality and to place an order go to our Buy it! page.

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